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With over twenty five years of motion control experience, Delta Tau is the leader for innovating high-performance machine control solutions. More than 1,000,000 axes of motion, Delta Tau is dedicated to providing solutions for the simplest to the most complex applications including general automation, robotics, semiconductor manufacturing, machine tools, medical and packaging equipment, and many more.

The PMAC PCI family is Delta Tau’s latest version of multi-axis board level machine controllers. Designed to fit in a single PCI slot of a PC or as a stand-alone, the PMAC PCI family can control 1- through 32-axis of stepper or servo motors in any combination of axes.

Designed for OEMs or end users, the PMAC2A PC/104 delivers a powerful 4- or 8-axis embedded control system for a cost-effective and compact, yet flexible and reliable solution.

The PMAC2A PC/104 can be applied directly to either analog servos or pulse-and-direction stepper drives. With optional piggyback accessory boards, it can support high speed communications with USB2.0 or Ethernet, Digital I/O with Opto-22 interface, additional axis expansion for 5-8 Axes of control and high-performance direct-PWM, pure digital control.

The UMAC (Universal Motion and Automation Controller) is a modular Turbo PMAC2 system built with a set of 3U-format Eurocards. The configuration of any UMAC system begins with the selection of the PMAC CPU then select axes boards, which can be either direct PWM output or the classic +/- 10V, I/O boards, field bus boards, communication interfaces (USB2, Ethernet, etc.) and any other interface boards selected from the rich variety of available accessories. Connect with virtually any kind of feedback sensor or implement almost any kind of communication method with the host computer or external device. In addition, a PC/104 computer can be installed inside the UMAC system yielding an incredibly powerful system inside a compact industrial package.

Compact UMAC
Built for OEMs and high-volume applications, Delta Tau’s Compact UMAC systems provide a compact and clean integration of motion and I/O control. Similar to the UMAC system, the Compact UMAC consists of a modular set of 3U-boards in a similar Compact PCI format, implementing Turbo PMAC2 software and hardware functions, communicating with each other over a common backplane (the Compact UBUS). All field wiring is available on rear connectors, suitable for a user-designed distribution system to the machine providing integrated connectivity as well as ease of assembly, diagnostics, and repair.

Combining the power of a 1- or 2-axis PMAC2 controller and a wide selection of amplifier models in a convenient and compact package, the Geo PMAC Drive can be programmed for virtually any type of motion control application, including Pick and Place applications, CNCs, PLC programming and even robotics with kinematics. While reducing hardware, simplifying installation and reducing panel space requirements. The Geo PMAC Drive is a universal (brush, brushless and induction) motor drive amplifier consisting of one- and two-axis, 3-phase servo amplifiers, which supports a wide variety of motor types, power ranges and user interfaces. These drives are designed to operate directly off the power mains (either 240 or 480 VAC).

Geo Brick Drive
The Geo Brick Drive brings together the intelligence and capability of the Turbo PMAC2 motion controller with the latest IGBT-based drive technology in a compact, smart 4/6/8 axis servo drive package.

The flexible nature of the Turbo PMAC2 enables the Geo Brick Drive to drive brush, brushless or AC induction motors with unsurpassed pure digital DSP performance. The absence of analog signals— required for typical motion controller/drive interfacing—enables higher gains, better overall performance and tighter integration, while significantly driving costs and setup time down.

Advantage 400 Pack
Provides an economical, yet high performance machine control solution with five axis of motion and built-in general purpose I/O.

Advantage 900 Brick
The Advantage 900/Geo Brick CNC package is setting the latest trend in CNC control technology. The highly integrated Geo Brick controller plus amplifier module greatly simplifies machine integration by reducing many of the components found in a traditional CNC cabinet such as cabling, connectors, etc.

This advanced technology not only reduces the initial cost of the equipment and integration but also significantly improves the reliability of the components because of their highly integrated design.

PMAC-NC Pro2 is a Windows-based customizable GUI for PC based CNC control NC HMI has all of the features of previous versions with the added advantage of easy screen customization. With the combination of PMAC HMI and the NC server, this new release offers the most advanced and flexible CNC software package available. This new version builds on Delta Tau's previous G-code software package that leverages Delta Tau's legendary servo hardware performance to bring unprecedented levels of block throughput speed, cutting accuracy and the flexibility of a PC-based environment to the shop floor.

The Windows-based environment allows users to combine NC HMI with their favorite PC compatible CAD/CAM or conversational package. This gives the operator or programmer the flexibility to program directly at the machine or remotely at a desk. The multi-tasking utilities of the Windows operating system give the user the capability to run CNC parts while programming simultaneously. Connectivity tools such as Ethernet and USB2.0 are easy to set up and provide unparalleled reductions in time spent transferring part program files. The part program size is limited only by the hard drive space.


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