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Choose from a variety of digital counters including 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-digit models, all with large LED displays. Several models have NEMA 4 protection.

Digital Panel Meters
Display the results of analog inputs and get control outputs indicating good/no good status with Omron's 1/8 DIN size process, temperature, rate and weight meters.

Machine Vision
Processing power, Networking, additional flexibility for customizing inspection flow and user interface are key features of Omron vision systems, while providing user-friendliness and intuitive system set-up.

Omron is a leading global provider of machine vision sensors, vision sensors, smart cameras, machine vision inspection systems and inspection devices for a wide variety of packaging, assembly, and other industrial inspection applications.

General Inspection
    This cost effective powerful vision sensor is a Compact CCD Optical Sensor with Separate Amplifier. It is completely self contained and available for monochrome as well as full color inspections.
Simple to set up and use Smart Vision Sensor offers a total image processing system
  • Cameras with integrated light source are available in a wide range of fields of view (up to 150 x 148 mm), for color and monochrome applications, also C-mount lens versions
  • Controller provides intuitive programming and real-time color image monitoring via 3.5-inch TFT LCD monitor
  • One-touch automatic setting eliminates fumbling in lighting, color filtering and measurement setup
  • Controllers available with NPN or PNP parallel I/O
Access production data, operating status and images via Ethernet to configure a production and quality control system that delivers real-time data and operation critical results.
  • Uses high-speed 250,000-pixel digital camera
  • Optional Vision Composer Net software supports real-time data logging and storage functions
  • Uninterrupted vision inspection and data collection with separate parallel processor for measurement functions and communications
  • View real-time video images, measurement values and judgment results from a PC located anywhere
  • Digital camera interface delivers clear images reducing noise in the video signal that can obscure measuring accuracy
  • Coordinate 2-camera Inspections with one controller
  • Almost 80 built-in measurement tools condense Omron's expert vision inspection know-how into simple-to-use preprogrammed algorithms that reduce start-up time
  • Network ready: 10/100BaseTX Ethernet port, USB port, RS-232C/RS-422 port
The F210 contains powerful algorithms such as Edge Code, Fine Matching and OCR/OCV. Inspection tasks can be configured easily via the user-friendly GUI.
  • A Macro Function for OEMs and system integrators allows customization through which nearly every system function can be manipulated.
  • Enhanced flexibility using branching and conditional operations
  • Two camera connections
  • Fine Matching tool-for-print quality inspection
  • Edge Code (EC) technology for high-precision inspections
  • High-speed Character Recognition/Verification tool
The F160 offers all features of the F150, including quick start-up, simple operation and an excellent price/value ratio. The main difference is that image capture and processing are accelerated many times. New functions include OCR, rotation search, customizable display and many more.
  • Two camera connections - High-speed image acquisition
  • Accelerated processing algorithms for all inspection tools
  • Optical character recognition/verification tool
  • Compact flash slot for storage of data and images
  • Configurable user interface and monitor output
Omron's OCR/OCV dedicated Vision Inspection system
  • Original Quest optical character recognition and verification algorithm uses built-in character libraries and can discern multiple characters simultaneously
  • F210-CF vision sensor delivers high-performance vision analysis using industry-leading inspection and location algorithms combines with high-speed one-camera capability
  • The F210-CF setup software uses a flexible, easy-to-load tool set and flow-chart style drop down menu system to simplify configuring the inspection process
High-speed processing with the world's first real-time 360-degree rotation search and advanced algorithms resulting from vast experience and know-how
  • The F270 provides the ability to perform inspections at speeds and accuracies that are difficult to achieve with conventional vision sensors
  • Newly implemented tools and functions to enable integrating measurement data into production management.
New algorithms include Omron's advanced Edge Code Position and Defect Detection, Fine Matching, and Quest OCR/OCV
  • On-screen, pull-down menu system using an easy to understand, flow chart style setup menu
  • On-line trending functions with definable limits
  • High Speed Cameras feature 8 user-selectable shutter speeds and 3 models with Intelligent Light Source options
  • 2 Expandable Flash-RAM memory slots up to 120MB each using Flash-RAM memory cards
  • Allows user customized menus, "results" screen information and symbol and text colors
High-Resolution, Network-Ready Digital Vision System Supports Two Cameras
  • Ethernet enabled F500 allows high-precision inspections and measurements in the factory
  • 1-million-pixel Digital Interface camera provides clear images, greatly reducing noise in high-resolution video signals
  • Large onboard image and measurement data storage capacity (at least 200 images)
  • Remote access and operation
  • Dedicated communications processor ensures the inspection process is never slowed or interrupted during remote data access
  • Security tools enable audit trail creation for security sensitive environments
Motion Control
Easily connected to any manufacturer's position controller, the servo drive responds to standard pulse-train commands and can be used for simple control right out of the box.

Omron inverters and variable frequency drives deliver precise control without compromising panel space or your budget.

Get high-resolution motion control for precise positioning applications for conveyors, pick-and-place, indexing and packaging equipment.

Prevent damage to conveyed products or mixer or pump impeller blades by limiting motor current for a soft start. Soft stop and kick start functionality is also available.

Easy-to-Use Cam Positioner Uses Encoder Input
  • High-speed operation at 1600 r/min and high precision setting to 0.5 degrees rotation
  • Advanced angle compensation function compensates for output delays
  • Highly visible display with reverse-lit LCDs
  • Fits a 1/4 DIN panel cutout
  • IP40 font panel rating
  • Absolute encoders for cam input
Incremental and absolute encoders provide reliable positioning feedback for motors, lifts, and other rotating equipment.
Open device-level network supports sequential control and safety applications. Omron DRT2 smart I/O blocks capitalize on DeviceNet's capabilities to automatically collect error history and condition data that can be used for preventive maintenance.
Operator Interface
Touch screens offer built-in Ethernet communications and live video input capabilities. Message Displays offer password-protected screens and programmable function keys.
Omron's programmable logic controllers are powerful enough to meet your production demands, yet easy to program and maintain.
Nano Brick Style PLC
The ZEN provides relay, timer, counter, and time switch functions. The LCD screen comes with 8 operation buttons on the front panel to enable programming in ladder view format. Expandable to 44 I/O, Low Cost Model 10 I/O max.
Compact PLC Series
Fast Throughput, Powerful Position Control and Communications Capabilities in a Brick Style Controller. Features: - 40 digital I/O, high-speed counters. Analog motion and communications integrated in one.
Modular PLC Series
Smallest, Most Powerful and Flexible PLC's available for its size. The CJ1 can be scaled for systems from simple to the sophisticated. Easy to set up communications such as Ethernet IP, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CompoNet or Controller Link.
Rack PLC Series
Omron's Most Powerful and Flexible PLC's available. The CS1 platform can be scaled for systems from simple to the most sophisticated. Redundant CPU's deliver hot swapping for CPU and power supplies for a quick recovery from equipment failures.
Omron's latest models of DC switching power supplies are RoHS compliant cut installation costs, eliminate downtime from unsuspected sources, possess advanced features and can aid in preventive maintenance.
Push Buttons
Easy-to-install illuminated and non-illuminated switches are available with momentary and alternate action types.
Omron has developed a family of advanced readers and RFID systems that provide cost-effective solutions for high-volume identification and verification.
As one the industry’s pioneers, Omron constantly develops and launches new, cutting-edge safety solutions that comply with evolving safety standards.

DeviceNet Safety
  • Meets Category 4 (EN954-1), SIL3 (EN61508)
  • Use stand-alone; as a Safety network with remote I/O blocks; or combined with existing DeviceNet for a Safety + Control network
  • Eliminates long wiring runs
  • Reprogram instead of rewire for modifications
  • I/O status and error indicators
Safety Relays
  • Forcibly guided contacts ensure safety
  • Suitable for obtaining machine CE marking
  • Track-and back-mounting sockets available
Safety Controller
Detects two wires shorted together with the self-diagnosis function and specifies the location of the problem with the communications function. Also controls light curtains, safety mats and emergency switches.
Safety Door Switches
  • Direct opening mechanism puts the contacts apart from each other if any abnormality should occur in the contact area
  • Wide operating temperature range from -40deg C to 80deg C
  • Degree of protection: IP67
Safety Limit Switches
  • Highly sensitive safety limit switches
  • Conforms to European environmental restrictions in the RoHS Directives
  • Degree of protection: IP67
Emergency Stop Buttons
  • Direct-opening mechanism forces open fused contacts in an emergency
  • Safety locks prevent misuse and operating errors
  • Available fully assembled
Safety Enabling Switches
  • 3-position enabling switch for safer robot operation
  • Can be mounted in 2 directions
  • Actuation confirmed by click and feel
  • Conforms to U.S. standards (ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999) for 3-position switches
Safety Light Curtains
  • Detects human presence in hazardous areas
  • Connect up to three light curtains in a series
  • Custom lengths available(F3SN-A/F3SH-A)
  • Meets OHSA, IEC, EN, UL and CSA standards
Safety Presence Detection
  • Safety mats detect operators where non-contact sensors leave gaps
  • Single beam safety sensors detect entry into hazardous machine gaps
Sensing Products
Omron, the world’s leading sensor manufacturer, sets the global standards in precise sensing.

Proximity Sensors
  • Connector Cordsets
  • Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • Capacitive Proximity Sensors
  • Harsh Environment Proximity Sensors
  • Special Application Proximity Sensors
Whether it's a harsh environment (high heat, high moisture, high vibration or highly corrosive), minute object or high-speed detection application, or hard-to-reach areas, Omron has the proximity sensor to reliably solve your sensing problems.
Photoelectric Sensors
  • General Purpose Photoelectric Sensors
  • Color / Mark Detection
  • Background Suppressing Photoelectric Sensors
  • Fiber Optic Photoelectric Sensors
  • Special Application Photoelectric Sensors
As one of the world's leaders in photoelectric sensor technology, we produce a wide array of photoelectric sensors, designed to solve your most difficult switching and detection problems.
Amplified Photomicrosensors
  • Slotted Photomicrosensors
  • Reflective Photomicrosensors
  • Through-Beam Photomicrosensors
  • Special Application Photomicrosensors
These small photoelectric sensors fit in space-confined areas in manufacturing environments. All have built-in amplifiers with transistor outputs that operate on DC supply voltage.
Machine Vision
  • General Inspection Vision Systems
  • Date/Lot Code Inspectors
  • High-Speed Vision Systems
  • High-Resolution Vision Systems
Processing power, Networking, additional flexibility for customizing inspection flow and user interface are key features of our vision systems, while providing user-friendliness and intuitive system set-up.
  • Matching Inspection Sensors
  • Profiling Sensors
  • Displacement Sensors
Measurement sensors fill the void between conventional photoelectric and proximity sensors, even those with analog outputs, and low-cost vision sensors.
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
With features such as fuzzy logic and remote self-teaching functions, stability indicators, a variety of cables and connector types and compact packaging, Omron's industrial sensors are easy to install and use.
Enclosed Limit Switches
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum housing
  • Rated IP67
  • Designed for easy gang mounting
  • Wide range of actuators
  • Approved by UL, CSA, CE and CCC (Chinese Standard)

Special Purpose limit switch
Opto-Mechanical Switch Achieves 1-microsecond Operating Position Repeatability
  • 4-way switch
  • A knife-edge mechanism in the optical system provides greater precision for a more stable output
  • Actuators have wear-resistant ceramic parts
General Purpose Limit Switches
  • Rated IP67 with waterproof, oil-tight, and dust-proof construction
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Wide variety of standard, high-precision and over-travel models
  • Approved by UL, CSA, and CCC (Chinese Standard)
Contact limit switch
  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy installation
  • Long service life
Omron's expanded line of industrial timers provide the effective solution to your timing applications with advantages that will simplify design, support and maintenance.
Omron DeviceNet IO
DRT2 DeviceNet IO
Omron’s DRT2 DeviceNet slaves offer a full compliment of Digital, Analog, and Special Purpose IO with several unique features.

These IO modules can be used with any DeviceNet Controller. Omron’s DRT2-series Smart Slaves do not just input and output ON/OFF signals. They collect a variety of value-added information to help increase the rate of operation without changing the wiring for existing DeviceNet networks. In particular, they allow the separation of control systems and maintenance systems so that maintenance systems can be created independently of control systems. The Slave can perform high-speed measurement of the interval between the time an output is turned ON by a specified bit and the time an input is turned ON. It is possible to read this measurement result (between 2 and 65,535 ms). This feature contributes to preventive maintenance by allowing the detection of mechanical deterioration, such as air leaks in cylinders. A threshold value can also be set in the Slave so that a flag turns ON when the time becomes longer than a set time.
SmartSlice DeviceNet IO
SmartSlice DeviceNet interface is available for the Omron SmartSlice configurable IO system. A full compliment of digital and analog inputs and outputs are available for system configuration.


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